Level Up!




Product Description

All players learn how to play gradually and features are gradually introduced.  If you are already a strong chess player, you may want to test all features more quickly, while still progressing through the ranks like all other players.

This feature immediately puts you at an Infinity Vl Score, meaning you have access to playing all Levels, pieces and features.

It does not guarantee you a place on the Leaderboard, increase your ELO or Rank Points or make you an advanced player all by itself.  However, as a new player, you will be matched to advanced players ASAP without waiting.  Hope you are a good tactician!


  • Player Unlock: Instant Infinity VI Player
  • Unlocks Hyper Spin: Unlocks Hyper Spin
  • Unlocks Ghost Mode: Unlocks Ghost Mode
  • Unlocks 2-UP: Unlocks Double-up Bets
  • Increased Level Benefits: Play Advance Players ASAP

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