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Level I

In the 4 x 5 board, play using the six traditional chess pieces.  There are eleven different Battles (game boards) and each battle can rotate four directions.  Randomly, you will play Gold or Blue. The least experienced player goes first, or the player that lost the last battle in the War. Wars are 3 to 11 Battles long and can be won or lost in a few or many moves. The majority of battles wins a War.

What’s different?

There are no alerts when a King in check. It is a legal move. There can be as many as 2 Pawns, 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 Bishops, 2 Rooks, and 2 Knights on a board.

Pawn Reborn:
When a Pawn Reaches the far rank, there is no Promotion.  Instead, the Pawn can either be “reborn” to the first rank, or it can otherwise “vanish”.  The Dormant Pawn Reborn rule is rare but a Pawn starting on the far rank, has no move!  If a second Pawn reaches the far rank, the Dormant Pawn can be reborn.

Ghost Mode:
When you have some practice and are higher ranked, a new feature called Ghost Mode is enabled, automatically. The Pawn moves “down the board” towards you instead of away from you “up the board”.  Same rules apply – just backwards as if a ghost is playing.


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