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The Six Game Boards

Recognize battles by name as they rotate, but memorization is less important than
seeing patterns and thinking tactically.  A battle can be lost in just a few moves.

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How to Play Videos

Learn how to use the new Magic pieces, the traditional chess pieces,
Pawn Reborn and other moves in ChessXpanse.

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Learn Advanced Techniques with these 6 Videos

Wars are won in a race to dominate the board and kill the King(s).
A single mistake can hand over a victory in an instant.

Useful Tips in Playing ChessXpanse

Watch the clock and avoid timing-out.  It is almost always better to move,
rather to “pass” your move to the opponent or time-out.

  • Set up offensively, or block defensively, and otherwise
    engage the
    three new pieces
    Mage, The Archer, and
    The Gatekeeper). These new
    pieces are
    quickest means of
    killing an opponent’s King(s).

  • Kings, when more than
    one, will often act as warriors
    in a battle may
    be sacrificed to
    win the

  • The starting positions are
    in close proximity to
    another. Don’t be
    Focus on
    attacking the King(s).  

  • In a “negotiation” screen,
    beginners can fairly play
    advanced players by adjusting time-per-move & other settings. Each player’s experience is transparently displayed.
  • Play without betting or bet
    Star-Coins (no redeemable value) on the outcome of a war.
  • When playing with bets, you
    can double-up your bet during
    the battle – if you feel you are ahead. 

The Six Game Boards


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