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• A game, or war, consist of 3 – 11 battles.

• Move in & out of “check,” without warning.

• There is no “checkmate.”  Just kill the
opponent’s last king.

• Play on 1 board size for a war, or alter-
nate boards: up to 6 board sizes in a
Hybrid War™.

• Use magic pieces to ricochet and kill your opponent’s king(s).  You may need to set up a ricochet piece for the next move.

• The order of battles served rarely repeats so see patterns and use tactics.

• Each battle or game board automatically rotates 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

• In Ghost Mode, the pawn moves in reverse or, down the board.

• In a Pawn-Reborn move, a pawn in the
last rank (on the far side) can reappear in
the first rank.

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